21. März 2020

Stories, Concepts & Production

| German/ Deutsch |

TELL. RISE. INSPIRE – I write, produce and present your story in a way that the audience can really get you.



In the beginning, there’s always a story. It’s why people communicate and it’s a good basis for people trusting you. Just as you can trust me.

As a writer and filmmaker, I produce and present your story so that customers, employees and investors really can get you. Working together, we create the foundation and reach a common goal: to enthuse your partners about your corporate purpose, your visions, your products and your services.

How do I know? Because my own personal story taught me just that; because I am fascinated by what fascinates you; because I believe in the unbeatable combination of creativity and technology. Because I like to help to unfold this power and use it purposefully.



Together, we find the right answers to the questions: how, where and with what will we tell your story to the audience? Concepts, storylines and scripts are the base for the the next steps and grant reliable planning.



I manage the complete realization with a network of highly experienced film experts, directors, photographers, graphic artists and copywriters. This ensures that your project runs smoothly at the agreed cost and within the discussed time frames.