21. März 2020

Andreas Purucker, Writer & Film Producer

| German/ Deutsch |

Andreas Purucker, Autor & Filmproduzent

My own life experience has shown me that the fusion of technology, planning and structure with creativity, emotion and flexibility is a powerful combination. Projects were always successful if this connection was balanced and could synergize.

My dad was a radio and television writer, so I more or less grew up with this approach. As a kid, I happily peeked over my father’s shoulder, absorbing his skills as he worked on productions. I ventured into my own first fledgling „radio shows” during my teens – together with mates and using the very limited resources of my youth. I discovered my passion for music and started to learn instruments. Today, I’m still involved in bands, compose, write lyrics, play live concerts and manage recordings.

To give my ambitions a broad professional foundation, I worked in the music publishing business and in recording studios, studied economics and learned the craft of video production. I ran an online agency for 12 years and formed close contacts with major companies. In this environment, I was able to sharpen my ability to quickly grasp topics and convey their essentials. I particularly enjoyed writing – but not only for corporates: I’m the author of two books on trail running tours that have been published by a renowned outdoor sports’ publisher.

Today, the stories of my business partners are the main focus. Stories provide authenticity – and creating stories can be a challenge. I enjoy how people and companies develop and grow with their stories and how these start to inspire others. My passion is to bring stories to full fruition and to find the best possible stage for them.